W3 Quantum Optics with Non-Classical States of Matter

Delivery Deadline: 01.11.2020 06:00

The experimental professorship "Quantum Optics with Non-Classical States of Matter" is to investigate the generation of non-classical atomic ensembles and to open up their application for precision measurements. The future application for atomic clocks and inertial atomic interferometers is in the foreground. Also desirable are contributions to the understanding of complex many-body quantum systems. An excellent complement to the research programme would also be the use of non-classical matter for studying gravity and its coupling to quantum mechanical states. The professorship should play a prominent role in the Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers [1]. Active participation in existing and future coordinated research programmes of the faculty, such as the Collaborative Research Center 1227 "Designed Quantum States of Matter" [2], is desired. In teaching, the professorship is involved in the BSc/MSc physics, MSc optical technologies and BSc/MSc nanotechnology courses. The professorship is to contribute to the conception and development of a new physics master's program in the field of “Quantum Engineering”.

[1] https://www.quantumfrontiers.de/en/research/applications/
[2] https://www.dq-mat.uni-hannover.de/en/research/research-area-b/